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“Responding to Terrorism” Workshop

‘How do we Respond to Terrorism?’ SINCE 9/11 Interactive Workshop

This brand new, innovative workshop from SINCE 9/11, builds on the success of our ‘What if 9/11 happened today?’ critical thinking workshop, which aimed to build critical thinking skills and foster digital literacy in recognising conspiracy theories and propaganda online.

This interactive, role-playing workshop will encourage students to think critically about how countries can respond to terrorist attacks such as 9/11, 7/7 or the Paris 2015 attacks. The students are put in the shoes of the leadership of a variety of nations, all with different characteristics, as well as some democratic, others autocratic. These nations have just suffered massive, shocking terror attacks, on the scale of September 11th.

Students will be presented with a range of options to discuss as a cabinet and will be expected to choose a response while justifying and contextualising their choice in accordance with the conditions of their own assigned nation-state.

Our objective is to develop and encourage the following:

  • Encourage discussion and debate on terrorism as an issue and our collective, societal response
  • Build critical thinking skills which undermine black and white/divisive thinking on pressing issues such as terrorism
  • Build public speaking skills and confidence
  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of Democracy (Fundamental British Values) in contrast to non-democratic states
  • Support teaching of Citizenship, PSHE, History, Politics
  • Support Prevent Duty and promotion of Fundamental British Values

Time: 1hr

Age range: Tailored for Year 9 up to 6th Form

Class size: Up to 30

Contact: [email protected] for more information.

Delivery of this workshop is kindly supported by the United States Embassy, London. SINCE 9/11 extends its gratitude to the American people for supporting our work.