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KS2 7-11 Years

The attacks of September 11th 2001 were a symbolic attack on democratic, tolerant and pluralistic society. Over 20 years on from that atrocity, SINCE 9/11 is pleased to launch a suite of free teaching resources designed to protect and nurture the values and the type of society the terrorists sought to destroy. 

Since 2015, Schools have had a duty to promote the Fundamental British Values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance for Different Faiths and Beliefs. The SINCE 9/11 Primary Education resources, designed in partnership with the world-acclaimed UCL Institute of Education, are here to support your efforts to teach and discuss these values in the classroom. 

Below you will find a comprehensive guidance document which will set out the meaning behind the values, as well as a discussion on teaching approaches to the topic. Towards the end of the guidance, you will find individual lesson plan guidance for each of the 10 lessons contained in this programme. 

Each Lesson consists of: 

  • A Powerpoint Slide Pack 

  • Activity Sheets to be printed and used in the classroom 

Download the resources below! 


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