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English-Breaking news

Breaking news: How was 9/11 represented in the media and other accounts? This topic explores the different ways in which the events of 9/11 were conveyed in the media, the factors that influenced this and how it changed over time.

Lesson planning

Contains lesson ideas and guidance on using the other resources on this page.

Factsheet about 9/11

An overview of the background to and events on the day of 11 September 2001.

Worksheet: How the story develops

To be used alongside newspaper front pages (see Lesson planning) for students to record their observations.

News values

Information to introduce to concept of news values to students.

Worksheet: Comparing news values

Comparing the news values of two different news reports.

BBC editorial guidelines extracts

Cover principles, accuracy and impartiality, and language relating to war, terror and emergencies.

Different responses to 9/11

Includes a newspaper report, an eyewitness account, a political speech, an email, a narrative and a poem.

Worksheet: Different responses to 9/11

To help students analyse the content in ‘Different responses to 9/11’

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