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Latest Endorsements

Education and learning are the keys to a safe society, today and in the future. To that end it’s imperative that education resources like ‘SINCE 9/11’ are available for all young people throughout our schools
and colleges.

– Professor Simon Schama, Professor of History and Art History, Columbia University, New York  

The SINCE 9/11 website has been very helpful in how we deliver our whole school approach to the Prevent Strategy. In particular the timeline and other educational resources provide suitable materials for secondary teachers and form tutors to deliver a meaningful programme.

– Hywel Jones, Headteacher, West London Free School

We are grateful for the SINCE 9/11 resource. My own view is that the material is original and current considering how quickly the topic can change. Even if you want to adapt the material it is a fantastic resource around which to organize your own lessons and it is good to see UCL focusing on tackling the topic. I have used the materials with very few additions or modifications.

– Tim Hunting, Teacher, Hove Park School