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7/7 Survivor Sudhesh talks to Young People Ahead of Attack Anniversary

I think when they hear personal stories, one would hope that it might just change one person’s mind about going down the wrong path.


See more on BBC London’s Facebook Page by clicking here. 

Ahead of the 13th Anniversary of the 7/7 London Transport Bombings, SINCE 9/11 had the privilege of visiting Swanlea Secondary School and Sixth Form in Whitechapel, East London, with survivor, Sudhesh Dahad. 

The Year 12 students (16-17 years old) listened quietly as Sudhesh spoke eloquently about his experience on the day, and how the attacks continue to impact him 13 years later. 

Sudhesh was aboard the Piccadilly Line train between King’s Cross and Russell Square when suicide bomber, Germaine Lindsay, detonated a bomb which killed 26 innocent people. Across London, a series of co-ordinated suicide bombings claimed the lives of 52 people. The attacks were the first suicide bombings on UK soil, and would go down in history as 7/7.