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Anyone searching for information on 9/11 will be all too familiar with a wide range of conspiracies theories about the events of that day, the perpetrators and the role of the U.S government.

Our education programme aims to teach young people the important critical thinking skills they will need to resist extremist ideologies, conspiracy theories and misinformation… but sometimes we all need a little extra help in separating fact from fiction. Or even fact from ‘alternative fact’!

So, we’ve now added a new section of guidance to our website to help teachers counter-act 9/11 conspiracies. With support from the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York, we’re able to share credible information in answer to common conspiracies such as:

  • The offical explanation of how the Twin Towers collapsed is false
  • A plane did not hit The Pentagon
  • WTC 7 was intentionally demolished

To find out more, see our new Conspiracy Theories section.