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7 years on: Remembering the 22 lives lost in Manchester Arena Terror Attack

Seven years ago today, on 22nd  May 2017, Manchester Arena suffered an Islamist terrorist attack following an Ariana Grande concert. The attack took place in the foyer of the arena as thousands of children, young people and adults started to make their way home after what should have been a joyous evening. Instead, twenty-two people were murdered that night: the youngest victim, Saffie-Rose Roussos, was only 8 years old .

Many hundreds of people were injured that night, and countless others continue to be impacted by the events of that evening. 

You can learn more about those who lost their lives by reading the tributes written by family and friends here.

Our mission at SINCE 9/11 is, through education, to attempt to build a more peaceful, harmonious, cohesive world for future generations. We do this through educating young people about the events of 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks .