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History Of ISIS

Use our new interactive timeline to track significant events tracing the origins, emergence and history of the group known as Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh). 

When ISIS captured Mosul, one of Iraq's biggest cities in June of 2014, the world was stunned. The highly-equipped and US trained Iraqi Army had deserted the city en masse, leaving the civilian population of Mosul at the whims of one of the most brutal terrorist movements in history. 

Observers around the world were left wondering who this group was which had successfully captured enormous swathes of Iraq and Syria, where they had come from, and who was its leadership. Just as shocking to people and governments around the world was why so many citizens of dozens of different countries were attracted to the brutality and violence of this mysterious group which was marauding through much the Middle East. 

This Timeline seeks to answer some of these questions and to contextualise both the emergence of IS in its historical context as well as the global fight against the group. 

March 2003
17th October 2004
9th November 2005
23rd November 2006
14th August 2007
10th January 2007
August 2011
3rd October 2014
18th September 2014
10th September 2014
19th August 2014
9th August 2014
8th August 2014
29th June 2014
12th June 2014
10th June 2014
21:16 15th November 2015
31st October 2015
20th May 2015
7th March 2015
26th January 2015
07:58 22nd March 2016
9th December 2017
17th October 2017