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School visits

We pride oursleves on a close relationship with teachers. We welcome feedback and input. All our resources are thoroughly tested in schools before they are launched and have had excellent reviews.

Kamal Hanif on how the SINCE 9/11 Education Materials helped in Waverley School

At Dartford Grammar School, we place great value on our work with SINCE 9/11 as an organisation, and on their website as a resource. This has been particularly true for History, RS and Citizenship for some time, and now for Global Politics as well.

Guy Hewett,Deputy Head, Dartford Grammar School

The materials on the SINCE 9/11 website for a number of areas in the curriculum will make planning and resourcing of lessons, particularly in Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Education, so much easier. The central themes of tolerance and understanding lie at the heart of the British Values schools are promoting. The timelines, lesson suggestions and variety of resources will be of immense help to teachers in creating schemes of work.

Keith Noakes, Head of Religion and Philosophy, Latymer Upper School

The SINCE 9/11 website has been very helpful in how we deliver our whole school approach to the Prevent Strategy. In particular the timeline and other educational resources provide suitable materials for secondary teachers and form tutors to deliver a meaningful programme.

Hywel Jones, Headteacher, West London Free School

Feedback on SINCE 9/11 Sessions (led by SINCE 9/11 Staff)

From Students

I learnt about 9/11 and how it really happened. I knew what happened vaguely but this cleared it up and made it easy to understand

Seeing and hearing about the terrible tragedy that took place on the 11th September, made me really think how lucky I am to have my loved ones. The assembly on this tragic event was certainly eye-opening and none of us shall forget it.

From Teachers

Many thanks for your assembly on 9/11, the students clearly found it interesting and what an inspiring speaker you are, very relaxed and confident. It was a very useful assembly to all 720 students and 50 staff that came to listen, especially when you asked who was alive at the time of this event and so many were not and maybe had a distorted understanding of this terrible time.

The session was extremely informative, students were able to put themselves in the shoes of different people who would be involved in a large scale terrorist attack and take the roles of these people in a role play press conference. The students were helped to deal with the issues maturely and sensitively and they all gained a wealth of knowledge about an event which is extremely important. It really helped students to understand the complexities of balancing rights/safety.