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9/11 Changed the World. Education Changes Lives. 


SINCE 9/11 is a UK registered charity; we rely almost entirely on the genorousity of individuals who believe in our vision to do our meaningful work.

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You can read our 2018 Case Statement in full by clicking the PDF link at the bottom of this page. Some of our most notable achievements include:

  • Producing world class teaching resources with the UCL Institute of Education which have been accessed over 70,000 times

  • Starting a survivor stories programme with survivors of terrorist attacks, including 9/11 and 7/7, speaking directly to school students

  • Running a national education conference in January 2017 

  • Installing a commemorative artwork piece made of World Trade Center Steel in the Olympic Park 

  • Gaining government support and endorsment by the Department of Education and the Home Office


Unfortunately, the need for our work continues:

  • In 2017 Home Office referrals for Radicalisation hit a record high 

  • In 2017, arrests for terrorism offences hit a record high

  • 24% of teachers have dealt with students expressing opinions from extremist ideologies

  • More than 13 million children have been born in the UK since 9/11 - to them, 9/11 is a distant historical event.


You can help us make a difference by making a single donation or by setting up regular donations. You can also donate directly via our Virgin Money Giving page by clicking here.

The money you give will ensure that we can continue to use the power of education to teach young people about 9/11 and the impact of terrorism, building a legacy of hope from the tragegy of September 11th, 2001. 


If you would like further information our fundraising team can be contacted on 0203 008 7705 or via email at [email protected].