9/11 Themes

Although this website is organised around five subjects, there are a number of themes linked to 9/11 that cut across these subject boundaries. These provide another way of looking at 9/11 and help to make sense of the complexities that surround 9/11 as well as its far reaching consequences.

Each theme is developed in more detail through at least one of the subject topics, and in some cases through more than one topic. The themes are a good starting point when planning whole-school activities, as they focus directly on some of the key questions and issues that students might raise about 9/11 and encourage them to reflect on these openly, sensitively and critically. Visit Whole-school guidance for more information on whole-school activities and events.

The themes are:


  • 9/11: what happened?
  • 9/11: why did it happen?
  • 9/11 in the media
  • What was the impact of 9/11?
  • Terrorism
  • What can we learn from 9/11?

Click on a page below to find out more about each theme and how it can be taught.

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