9/11 National Schools Competition

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The 2014/2015 9/11 National Schools Competition is now closed and the winners have been announced. 

On this page, you can find details about the winners of the 2014/2015 competition, as well as previous winners and details of the exciting trip to New York. You can also find our essay writing and film making guides.


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Judging Criteria

In 2015, we asked students to submit films or short essays answering the question "How did 9/11 Change the world?" Entries were judged against the following criteria. Each criterion is equally weighted.

Originality and inventiveness    

  • A distinctive piece of work which offers an original take
  • A work which offers a distinctive approach to the topic
  • Evidence of inventive use of the chosen form

  Clarity and communication    

  • A piece of work which communicates with clarity
  • A piece of work which uses ideas efficiently and effectively 

Knowledge and understanding    

  • Demonstrates a clear knowledge of the events and process presented
  • Evidence of high level of understanding

Aspiration and Inspiration    

  • An inspirational ‘wow’ factor
  • An aspiration to broaden others’ understanding and vision 

Find out more

To find out more about our competition, the trip to New York or any of our previous winners, please send an email to competition@since911.com.